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French Fashion, an exploration of their cultural fashion as well as their couture.


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Project: A small research on Christian Dior, a good representation of Couture in France.

Haute Fashion

There are three top fashion capitals in the world: New York, London, and Paris. Paris, France a well known city of fashion where Haute Couture has been alive since the end of the 19th century. Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent- what do they all have in common? They're French, and each is a Haute Couture House that brings in more than 1 billion dollars yearly. A particular fashion house, whom we will follow as is my belief that it stands as a good representation of French fashion is Christian Dior.
Christian Dior was born into the fashion world in the year of 1946, where he was supported by the textile manafacturer Marcel Boussac. The rest of the years we're very busy, starting when Dior began with his first collection the Corolle Line, which was reffered to as the "New Look". It was volumous, cinched at the waist, had rounded shoulders and was a lot more different then the regular boxy styles which we're customary at the time of World War II. After the war, it was Dior who reconsituted Paris as the capital of fashion, creating lines each with their own theme. Also in 1947 Dior named the first Dior perfume Miss Dior, in honor of his sister Catherine. In 1948 he produced license for furs, socks, ties, and perfumes and was succesful in spreading his name even further out. Also, a Christian Dior Parfum New York was established on the corner of 5th avenue. In 1953 he took in Yves Saint Laurent as an assitant and, unfortunately, in 1957 Christian Dior died. Yves Saint Laurent took over the company, but in 1960 was called for military duty. Marc Bohan took over and then Gianfranco Ferre in 1989. Ferre, however, was replaced by 1996 by John Galliano. Today, Christian Dior is owned by Moet Hennessi Louis Vuitton, a company who coincidentally owns many other well-know brand names.
More "New Look"

"New Look"
However, no one can ever forget of Christian Dior, who made such a splash in the world of fashion and sadly left so quickly. Dior worked hard and in the end established feminine mood with an extrvagant accent of luxury. He worked with the figure of a woman and presented the features beautifully, thus proving him a true artist, a true fashion designer.
To this day Paris, France is known as a true fashion captial. Home of many of the famous designers and their Haute Couture houses, each that bring in vast amounts of money and attention. Christian Dior showed exemplary talent and obvious determination in his grand and quick rise to the top of the fashion world down to his end, nevertheless he was and will always be remembere with respect and admiration. Which is why I chose his particular line to follow, as I felt he showed truly what French fashion is- feminine and luxurious. There are three top fashion capitals in the world: New York, London, and Paris. Paris, France, if you ask me, goes back through the ages and will always be "in", reinvented each time by its extremely famous designers.


Research Websites:
http://www.infomat.com/whoswho/christiandior.html http://www.dior-finance.com/en/historique.asp


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