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bastille day


La fête nationale française célèbre le début de la Révolution translation: The French national holiday celebrates the beginning of the French Revolution America has the 4th of July, mexico has Cinco de Mayo, and france has Bastille day on July fourteenth. What exactly do they celebrate on this day? Well, on July 14th 1789, the French Revolution started. The Bastille was a prison and was a symbol of the total power of Louis the 16th's Ancient Regime. Since the people won this symbol, it meant that the king's power was no longer existant. The capturing of the prison was looked at as a symbol of liberty, and the fight against dictatorship. The three colors of the french flag represent liberty, equality, and fraternity for all french citizens. On 6 July 1880,Bastille Day was declared the French national holiday because Benjamin Raspail made a recommendation saying that the new Republic was fully established. Bastille day is so significant to the people because it symbolizes the birth of the Republic. The conquer of the bastille day lead to The French Revolution which was not only a crucial event , but was also, perhaps the single most crucial influence on British intellectual, philosophical, and political life in the nineteenth century. french-revolution-2.jpgexternal image bastille-day-2.jpgexternal image Photo_417.jpgBastille day is still considered france's most important national holiday, and they have many celebrations. The night before the big day the people spend there time dancing at bastille square, or at many balls that are organized in the city. Besides the fancy balls and dances, parties are also held by the fire service in their stations. If people don't want to go to the dances or parties, there is a picnic that takes place in some of twenty of france's departments on Bastille day. The picnic is one of the largest in the world. On Bastille day itself, there are crowds of people that come out and line the Champs-Elysées to watch the military parade. The parade is lead by the president, and jets are in formation in the air. Towards the back of the parade, the fire brigade brings the loudest noise. The party goes on for about all day, and again more people come together ang gather at the champ-de-Mars. That is where they watch fireworks at the Trocadéro. When night falls, most bars and clubs are open to have their own celebrations. If you're not close to the big cities, you will still be having a celebration beacause every village in france has there own party with dances, drinks, fireworks, and more.



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