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A report on the Eiffel Tower that talks about its history, what's it's used for now, and some of its features.



The Eiffel Tower was built and finished on March 31st, 1899 after two years of construction was named after its designer, Gustave Eiffel. The tower is 324 meters high and 125 meters long weighing approximately 10,100 tons. Gustave, the gifted engineer who designed the tower, also has created the Maria Pia bridge, Barabit Viaduct, and the Budapest station. He also helped plot out the metal structures inside the Statue of Liberty and the cupola of the Nice observatory. The Eiffel Tower at that time was the tallest tower in the world, holding this title until 1930 when New York City's Chrysler Building was built. It was also built to stand for 20 years, but remained well beyond to this very day. Every seven years it is repainted with darker colors on the upper parts and lighter on the bottom to contrast with the sky and ground.

In 1887, the city of Paris held a competition, looking for designs for a temporary monument to be revealed at the 1889 World's Fair and then taken down in about 20 years. Even though many designs were sent in, Gustave Eiffel's Eiffel Tower, that was a tribute to the French Revolution, was selected. Many people voted against having it constructed that it could go over the budget of 1.5 million or that it wouldn't be completed on time. Nevertheless, the tower was constructed and was finished on time for the World's Fair in 1889. On the first day that it allowed tourists to enter, it had already paid off the 1.5 million that was used to construct the Eiffel Tower despite how the French poorly admired it.
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Around the 20-year mark for this temporary monument it was time to be taken down, but several situations occurred having it stay standing. Not only had it become a successful tourist attraction, it also served for communication reasons. The tower was being used to belay radio signals across Paris for the public. What else could be better than using this massive tower for some of those reasons? Tourists that flock to visit the tower count up to around 6 million each year to visit the multi-purpose Eiffel Tower!

As time passed, the Eiffel Tower began a symbol for everybody from different countries and different professions. Painters drew this magnificent tower illuminated at night, poets created their own poems to talk about the Eiffel Tower, and its even been shown in various films around the world. Even singers have created songs in French about the Eiffel Tower and all it's glory.

Eiffel Tower at Night

So what is the Eiffel Tower used for exactly? Well, its mainly a large tourist attraction! It contains restaurants to stop, rest, and eat while climbing the tower along with a spectacular light show at night, having the occasional fireworks that mark a special event. Sometimes the French hold a special event that has to do with the Eiffel Tower such as who can climb the steps the fastest--which was won by Forestier in 3 minutes, 12 seconds. One event that took place on February 1, between 7:55 until 8PM was when the tower shut off its lights in respect to "Turn off Your Lights - France in the Dark for 7 Minutes", an energy saving plan which was repeated in October 22. Even to this day, Eiffel Tower still stands for a whopping total of 109 years as it stands tall as one of Paris' greatest monuments.


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