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My topic is an actris named "Marion Cotillard," wanting to know about what kind of movies and what group of people the star attracts,


Ce'line Blackburn 1st period

Marion Cottillard has been in many movies some were, Taxi, where she played a sassy girlfriend of a wise-guy leading man, she stared in 3 of the films. She also in the movies "A Very Long Engagment" "Love Me If You Dare" and many other movies. She also recieved an Oscar for the movie "La Mome" in 2008. Marion Cottillard was born in Paris on September 30, 1975. she was raised in Orle'ans, France. She made her debut as a child with a role in one of her fathers plays. Marion is the daughter of Jean- Claude Cottillard, an actor, playwritter and director. If Marion Cottillard didn't become an actress she would have liked to become a singer,she is also an ecologist. She has two brothers named Guillaume and Quentin, they are identical twins and where born November 6, 1977.She loves her family and says it is very improtent in her life. Marion is very enthusiastic, and loves adventure, she also loves change and explorring new places. She is very optimistic and thinks that there is always something better ahead. Marion wasn't always this happy though, at the age of nine she fell into a deep depression. She felt like she didnt want to live anymore, and she questioned her purpose in life at a very early age. She said that she wanted a perfect understanding of everything. She was quick to know that suicide was never an option, because she loved life she just started questioning it at an early age. She is a gambler, so she is willing to take risks and break the new ground, that is what makes her so interesting, she is not afrade of a challange and will always work for what she wants. Marion has great faith and without it she would not have been able to bounce back up from disapointment and failure in her life. Marion is currently in a relationship with French actor/director Guillaume Canet. they know eachother because they co-starred a French movie "Love Me If You Dare" in 2003. They are offten spotted in cafes and shopping together in Paris. After a few roles on television Marion started to become a little more well known through out Paris. She started off just doing little roles where she was just in one or two senses of the movie, which then turned into being the star of the movies she was casted in. She was awarded Best Supporting Actress for "A Very Long Engagement", Best Actress, Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy for "La Vie en Rose". Marion is a huge fan of Canadian singer Hawksely Workman and starred in two of his clips.external image 80th-best-actress-winner-marion-cotillard.jpg

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