The Little Potato that Could


Ever wonder where french fries got their name?

Well, the little fried potato has been all over the world, with the help of the well-known McDonald's fast food, the potato famine, and many other discoveries.

In reality, french fries are actually from Belgium. Some say that french fries were first introduced in Paris, France by some vendor. However, there are many different theries as to how the name french fries was created.

First, lets go back to the late 1600's in Belgium. During the spring and summer, men would little fish and eat them to improve their health. When the rivers froze over in winter, they had no source of fish and turned to potatoes instead. They are called 'pomme frites' in France, which means fried potatoes.

Another theory has to do with language. Ironically enough, one of Belgium's main languages is indeed French. In World War I when the Americans, Canadians, and English came to Belgium, they noticed that the people were speaking French, possibly leading to the name french fries.

rossi_fries.jpgAnother idea comes from the culinary world. The term 'french' means 'to cut in thin strips'. Some believe that becase of the long narrow strips that are french fries, they came from the word french. Notice that the word is never spelled with a capital 'f' and is therefore not referring to the country. Most believe this theory, seeing as there is the most supported evidence and resources.

It is said that Thomas Jefferson introduced the fried potato to the colonies in the late 1700's. But most believe that is a myth because there is no sign of french fries in any records of American history.

In Belgium they are known as fritures and are sold on the street and in fancy restaurants. The french fries served in Belgium and France are made from real potatoes unlike the ones in America. They make a delightfully sufficient and relatively healthy snack while shopping in the city.

In America, however, they are not reffered to as healthy because of the overwhelming amount of preserviatives used to make them. They used to be made from real potatoes up until McDonalds came along.

French fries are a very popular snack in America but I recommend trying the ones in Europe. They are much more real.



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