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The Tour De France

Approved, but you and Frédéric need to decide who will focus on the route (how it's decided, cities that always used, etc.) and who will focus on the history.

Tour de France

The Tour de France is a greuling bycile race that covers 3500 kilometers. There are a total of twenty stages in this race, each one being between one hundred and two hundred kilometers in length. The stages all have different challenges; some are steep and mountainous, and some are flat. Some curve all over, others are straight. This 23 day bike race starts in Londres, then Cantebury, Gand, Campeigne, Joigny, Autun, Bourge-en-Bresse, Le Grand Bornand, Tignes, Briancon, Marsielle, Montpilleir, Castres, Albi, Plateau-de-Bielle, Le Louron, Col d'Aubisque, Castelsarrasin, Angouleme, and finally to Paris! Imagine biking for 21 days, with only two days of rest.
Tour2008_Stage16_19 by sean's jawns.
Tour2008_Stage16_19 by sean's jawns.
There are so many interesting things about the tour de france. There are points awarded at the end of each stage, and at the end of the total race. The points are tallied up, and a multitude of various awards are given out. The cool thing about these awards though, are that they are not just another trophy, they are specially made biking shirts. With these jerseys comes a lot of money, and the satisfaction of knowing that you were the best. There is a yellow jersey that you win for being the best overall group, and with it you get 450,000 euro. There is a green jersey that is awarded for the team who has the most overall points, and with it 25,000 euro. Finally there is a polka dot jersey (to the left) that is given to the best climbing team, and is also given 25,000 euro. Have you ever thought about how hard these men work in order to be able to complete this amazingly difficult race? Well here are a few tidbits that will show you just how much work it takes in order to do just that. These men have to consume 6,000 calories every day because they will end up burning 123,900 calories over the course of the trip. Can you believe that the pedal of these bikes are rotating around the axel 486,000 in only three weeks. That is 113 RPM's! One peloton, or group of riders, uses up a total of 792 tires. Usually tires last about a year, but a group of these men use up over 700 in three weeks! Also each rider uses up 3 chains, and usually chains last you at least a few years, depending on how much you use them. WOW! Now that shows you how difficult it must be on these men.



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