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Bonjour! I was wondering if I could do a little segment about the French Resistance in WWII?


During World War II after the surrender of France in 1940, many French took it as a personal shock, thinking the government had let them down.As the Germans set up new governments the people of France were compeled to aid the Allies in defeating the Germans, so they could live in thier beloved France again. On June 18th 1940, Charles de Gaulle, sent a message to rally up all of France to help the Alliance bring justice to the Communist. So, the French did whatever was neccesary by, provdiding vital information on German tactics, wherabouts, and other inttlegence reports. They also helped by getting as many pilots from France back to the Allies to put them back in the air. Many tried dissrupting comunication and supply lines of the Germans.


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