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French Soccer. How it's played, teams, wins etc...


Soccer In France and the Europeans love of the game
Soccer in Europe is just as popular as Football here in America. This wonderful game originated in China but it was played differently. The French were influenced by this game and changed it to the game it is today. Because of this, the game of soccer effected the whole world; America, Africa, Russia, Brazil, Mexico ect... there are 35+ leagues in Europe.
In France, soccer is called "Sport du Peuple." Soccer is loved and worshiped by all ranking of people: rich or poor. At a young age, children learn to play soccer on the streets of France with their friends and family. They have dreams of becoming as strong and fast as their soccer hero.
The mens French national football team has 23 players on "Les Bleus, Les Tricolores" team. The head coach
is Ramond Domenech. The captain of the team is Thierry Henry who has the top goal scores on the team (48 goals). The teams biggest win was against Azerbaijan. The score was 10-0 on the 6th of Setember 1995. Their Biggest defeat was against Denmark. The score was 1-17 on the 22nd of October 1998. Durring the world cup of 1998 the French brought home the gold metal. Also durring the European Championships the French were the winners of 1984 and 2000.
Biggest win
France 10 - 0 Azerbaijan
(Auxerre, France; 6 September 1995)
Biggest defeat
Denmark 17 - 1 France
(London, England; 22 October 1908)
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The womans national football team is considered not as imporntant to the Europeans. Rarely will you find girls playing soccer. But the womans team is called "Les Bleues." The head coach is Bruno Bini. The teams captain's are Corinne Diacre and Marinette Pichon. Corinne has the recored on the team for the most caps and Marinette is the top scorer with 80 goals. They made it to the world cup 4 times. Durring the world cup finals "Les Bleus" came 3rd in the 1997 world cup game.
Soccer Ball Tutorial
Soccer Ball Tutorial

Soccer is my favorite sport in the world!!!!! I have been playing for 5 years and i love it. By reserching soccer in France, it makes me even more determined to keep on playing soccer and hopefully play for B.V.




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