1st Semester Project


I would like to research the french EFA team called "Flash de la Courneuve."

Approved: that's new to me. What does EFA stand for? European Football Association?

Flash de la Courneuve

One thing that I wanted to find out about France is if they had a team belonging to a European American football league. So I searched it on google. My results were that the french do have a French team and that they are called,"Flash de la Courneuve." Flash de la Courneuve is a football team with 5 different sections. It is alot like how in high school football you have varsity, junior varsity, and freshman. Their different sections are elite, D3, junior, cadet, and flag. They are an extremely good football team that goes to the championship almost every season. Not only that, but they are the only team in their league to have gone undefeated, 12-0. As you can see Flash de la Courneuve is a great football team and means that French culture does have an American side to it.

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Bibliography:http://www.flashfootball.net/; http://www.steepleproductions.com/flash%202006/main.htm

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