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Joan of Arc


Ahe put on armor, gathered an army, and took back the city of Orleans. Joan was able to get her eldest brother crowned King of France on July 17. Joan was continually fighting between spring of 1429 and spring of 1430. She was taken priconer af Compiegne in May 1430, and sold to the English for 10.000 livres. She was convicted for sorcery and heresy, she confessed and was sentenced to continual imprisonment. She withdrew the confession and she was burned at the stake on May 30, 1431. Her ashes were thrown into the Seine, she was 19. After 25 years she was formally announced innocent of the accusations against her by Pope Calixtus the 3, in 1456. She was declared "blessed" in 1909 and declared a saint in 1920.


"Heores" by Pual Johnson, New York, 2007 :Joan of Arc"

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