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Tour De France


Have you ever wanted to take part in one of the great tournaments held round the world?
The Olympics
The Superbowl
The Pennant Race
And how about this...

The Tour De France is known as the worlds greatest bicycle race. It spawned in 1903 as a result of two warring magazines.

The story goes like this:
Le Velo and L'Auto-velo were two warring magazines fighting over the trademark Velo. Le Velo eventually won the trademark and L'Auto-velo (now L'Auto), fearing a loss of publicity decided to throw the greatest bicycle race there ever was. They decided to host a six-day race running from Paris, to Lyon, to Marseille, to Toulouse, to Bourdeaux, to Nantes, and finally back to Paris. At first people didn't like the idea with a 20 franc entrance fee, but L'Auto raised to prize to 20,000 francs and the race has been running ever since.

As you can see, much like everything else it needed to start off small and gain popularity. Over the years, the race course was changed to maintain the peoples interest in the race. The race is split up into stages which are sure to keep anyne captivated by their beauty. In 1903 the race consisted of 6 stages and over the course of a century that has increased to 20 stages.

There is a certain etiquette to the way things are organized in the race as well. It's much to complicated to explain it all, but some things are easy. To start there is the yellow jersey (maillot jaune) worn every stage by the race leader. The race leader is the person who is currently at the head where overall points are concerned. Next there is the green jersey (maillot vert). This jersey is worn by the person with the current most sprint points. Sprint points are awarded depending on how fast you finish a race. The last notable jersey is the polka dot jersey (maillot à pois rouges). This jersey is worn by the "King of the Mountains", a person who has succeeded greater than the other racers where the hills are concerned.

There have only been two things that have interfeered with the The Tour De France running. These two things were World War I and World War II. These two terrible wars halted the Tour De France for 1915-1920 and 1940-1947.

That brings us to a close of this talk concerning the Tour De France. Remember that question I asked you at the start? If this short talk about the Tour De France has truly inspired you to attempt an invite to the Tour De France, I merely ask you to remember this when entering cycling.

It's a very hard sport.




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