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How do French families celebrate holidays?



How French Families celebrate Holidays

French Families celebrate many holidays that American families celebrate two. Two popular holidays are Christmas and Easter. French families celebrate the same holidays but in different days. They also have there own french-based holidays too. One of the most popular holidays is Bastile day.

Bastille day is based on the date 14 July 1789. This was the beginning of the french revolution. The Bastille was a prison and a symbol of the strong power of King Louis the 16th. They captured the symbol (bastille) to show that the king had no power. Like our fourth of july and there 14th of july, we both celebrate our independence. As you can tell in the picture they celebrate pretty much like we do. They have parades and shows to remeber how much it took to get the independence.

The French celebrate Christmas too. La Pere Noel "Father Christmas" is pretty much our Santa. He brings gifts and sweets on December 6. They put up there Christmas Trees only several days before Christmas. On Christmas Eve, children will place out there shoes so that "Father Christmas" will fill there shoes with candies, chocolate and small gifts. Usually it's celebrated so that it's only a childrens holiday. Adults wait until New Years to hand out gifts and recieve gifts. They often make very exquisite food and dessert for Christmas eve and Christmas. They make several traditional dishes along with the main courses. They often contain poultry, seafood, fruit, cakes and etc. The Cathlioc church mandated that there was too be no meat eaten on Christmas Eve. They have thirteen desserts to represent the twelve apostles and Jesus at the last supper. They also include a Yule Log cake.

The French also celebrate Easter. On the thursday before good friday, all the church bells in France are silenced to remember Jesus' death. For fun, the children are told that bell chimes have flown to Rome to see the pope. In the morning the bells are rung to declare that Jesus is alive again. Like in America eggs are hidden. The only difference is that instead of a Bunny hiding the eggs, the bell chimes hide the eggs. The Bell chimes take eggs from Rome and hide it in various places. Bells play an important roll in French Easter. It represents when Jesus dies and resurrects. Many candy shops sell chocolate bells, like the candy shops in america sell chocolate crusifixes.

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