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I have to do a book report on a famous scientist for biology. I am going to do it on Jacques Cousteau. So could i do a french paper on him too. He also won a nobel prize.

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Jacques Cousteau

from: http://www.cousteau.org/i/jyc01.jpg

Two summers ago I learned to scuba dive in Hawaii with one of my best friends. I love diving because of all the cool fish and life down there, so did Jacques Cousteau, which is why he helped to make the very first oxygen lungs and eventually SCUBA gear. He worked on the studied the ocean and the creatures and worked on the gear on his off time while he was in the French Navy during World War II.
Jacques Cousteau was born in Saint-André-de-Cubzac, Gironde on the 11th of June, 1910 (Gironde is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolutionary War). He was a navel officer, an explorer, an ecologist, a filmmaker, a scientist, a photographer, an author and a researcher of the sea. Yeah, he did a lot. When he was still young he discovered the sea and all the creatures in it in the creeks of one of his hometowns, Marseilles. In 1930 he joined the French Navy as the head of the underwater research group, and later moved even higher up in ranks and became even more useful to the Navy. He studied the ocean floor on his time off and even worked on a brand new piece of equipment called the oxygen lung used for being under water for more than a few minutes. He also got a little bit into a mysterious place said to have seaweed twenty feet deep and infested with the carcasses of thousands of eels. He dove down using his aqua-lung only to discover that the myth was completely false; the seaweed only went down an other foot or two. When he got his own ship, he and two of his friends, Frédéric Dumas and Benoît. They took the boat all over and eventually discovered what is to this day the oldest shipwreck ever discovered. It was a ship carrying goods in large jars, now infested with octopuses. They took these jars back and with funds from the government set up a land site near the wreck to study the remains and lift the ship.On 11 January 1996 Calypso was hit and sunk in Singapore by a barge in the harbor. The ship was refloated and was towed to its home in France.
In 1997, at the age of 87, Jacques died of a heart attack, and was buried in the Cousteau family plot at the Saint-André-de-Cubzac cemetery. He was very popular in The United States and his death was strongly felt by all his wonderful supporters and the readers of his many books.



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