1st Semester Project


Hoildays in France and the likness and differences of American holidays.



Project: My project is about Chrismas in France and how it differs from American Chrismas. In French la fête de Saint Nicolas starts in most places on December 6. Childern put out their shoes in the hope that Père Noël will fill them with gifts. Candy, Fruits, Nuts and small toys will be hung on the tree overnight. Families gather and give food and gifts to the poor. They sing Chrismas carols like Vive le Vent (Jungle Bells) and Douce Nuit (Silent Night). Family often have a huge fest on Chrismas Eve called le réveillon following the midnight mass. They make bûche de Noël or Chrismas Cake in the shape of a yule log. They make Christ cakes or sugar cookies in the shape of christ child. They also eat Chestnuts and have a varity of different many chorse depending on the city, like goose, turkey, oysters and pat de foie gras. Childern may also recieve presents on December 6 and the rest on December 25. In Lyon they celabrate la Fête de lumières on December 8, where they pay homage to virgin Mary by putting candles in their windows which light up the village. In southern france they make Le pain calendeau to give to the poor. Père Noël arrives on a donkey and goes down the chimmney to give gifts to the good childern.

2nd Semester Project


A Frence Wedding and how it differs from America

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