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French Homeopathic Medicines

Approved : I think this will be fine as long as you try to find differences between styles of medicine used in France compared to here (they very much believe in homeopathic medicine and other types of cures).


Homeopathic Medicines
Sebastien Oakden
Period 1 /10/08

Homeopathic Medicine uses various plants, minerals, or animals in a exceedingly small dose to make someone's natural defenses stronger. Some examples are immunizations or allergy shots. These medicines have started to grow in the United States, but are made from France. Homeopathic medicines can be used on infections such as rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, allergies, heart disease, depression, and etc. After a surgery it can help the healing process which is called chemotherapy.
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== ==In France, 40 percent use homeopathic medicine, or prescribed by a doctor. these are usually treat everything from colds, flu and measles to depression, anxiety and insomnia. French remain the world's largest consumers of homeopathy. French have used homeopathy for over 200 years. There are homeopaths, physicians, and veterinarians.
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